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Excellence in System Architecture, Dev Ops, Cloud Management, Serverless Applications and Cloud Based Systems.
Application Support Services, Analytics and Performance Monitoring.
Quality and Compliance Assurance
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Who recommends

Referência em APIs e Microservices, a Sensedia é reconhecida como Visionary pela Gartner e Strong Performer e Leader pela Forrester,

Reference in APIs and Microservices, Sensedia is recognized as Visionary by Gartner and Strong Performer and Leader by Forrester, is one of the main players of API Management in the world and recommends Zappts for the development of Digital Experiences, Platforms & Open Innovation, Partner Integrations , Agile Architecture and Technology and Innovation Projects.

a Movile indica a Zappts para Desenvolvimento de Aplicativos

Leader in Mobile Marketplaces, Movile operates in Brazil, The United States, France, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina, and already has more than 100 million monthly active users. Owner of brands such as iFood, PlayKids, Sympla, among others, Movile recommends Zappts for Application Development, Chatbots, Applications for WhatsApp and SMS.


High Performance


With the challenge of reducing the volume of telephone calls, we worked on the front-end development of the new business customer relationship channel solution.

Combining Design Sprint, Scrum and the backend developed by Sensedia, we seek to significantly reduce the volume of calls after the implementation of this project.


In addition to the evolutionary maintenance of apps for iOS and Android, we worked on defining the new architecture of Folha Certa's calculation system engine, which will allow the system to grow in a scalable way.

With the construction of the new WebAdmin Portal Front-end and its integration with WebPonto, we were able to modernize the look & feel and deploy new features that optimized the end user experience.


In order to ‘help those who are helping’ we have developed an automated donations system in the form of an Loyalty Club, with the aim of strengthening the relationship between charity institutions, their donors and business partners.

Developed in the cloud for scalability, the project also included agile methodologies for the definition, design and implementation of the product.

GIGA Security
GIGA Security

We accept the mission of evolving the mobile version of the security monitoring system in order to increase customer satisfaction in the app stores.

WIth a dedicated development team we enhanced and improved the Giga Monitor Application and increased the user satisfaction by 75% in approximately 12 months of work.


Cateno, which is starting a financial operation in Brazil, proposed to us a mission to develop a system for issuing prepaid cards and its own digital account, developing a practical and effective solution in managing payments and controlling expenses.

Aiming at scalability and security, we developed this solution combining agile development methods and Cloud Computing. Today, Cateno's digital account operation has more than 50 million users, with features that adapt to the needs of companies in a most varied market niches.



Zappts brought relevant gains by improving the performance and the user experience of Giga's applications delivering concrete results and generating a 121.5% improvement in ratings on the App Store and Play Store
Bruno Gouvea
CEO of Giga Security
We have a successful partnership with Zappts here at Cateno, where they help us in the creation of our digital products, always serving us with great agility, quality and technique.
Daniel Costa Ribeiro
Information Technology Consultant at Cateno
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